Updated 01-26-2021

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Trash rescue stereo cabinet transformed into a mid century modern bar cart!

News: Updated 01-26-2021
     Well as my home renovations wrap up I'm finding myself with more time to think about what I'm doing with my art.  I had the chance to fix up an old stereo cabinet that was rescued from the trash and found I enjoyed the process a lot.  I've even had some positive comments about it.  I am a big believer in constantly striving to learn more.  Who knows, maybe I'll start doing things like that more often.  There is certainly a market for it.  That thought brings me to another topic I've been mulling over lately.  How do I sell more of my art?  Yes, Covid has put a crimp into the art gallery scene for sure..  But to be completely transparent, I wasn't exactly killing it by just having paintings for sale in a gallery even before Covid.  I don't believe a lot of artists were.  I'm not being negative about it...I love having my work on display.  But how can I turn what I do into something I can do for a living?  I've started dabbling in putting my art on different products through my new store on Society6.  The link to my store is here on this website in my bio.  I'm also going to start doing some online videos and ads.  I need to do a better job of getting my brand out there.  

Prices upon request

Artist’s Statement:

I enjoy communicating with people, but sometimes words can be restrictive.  I feel that through my work I can communicate more honestly and completely, on multiple levels.  I enjoy hearing the messages people receive from me through my art.  At their base level, the message sent and the messages received are the same.  It's how the receiver interprets the message that fascinates me.  I don't define myself as an abstract artist.  Whichever medium and style I work in on a given piece is my method of communication.  Usually for me, working in an abstract style allows me to communicate more clearly.  Maybe it's my way of making sense out of chaos.  I also like to experiment with new materials in a mixed-media fashion.  If asked to define myself as an artist, I'd say I'm a communicator, translator, explorer, student, and guide.  I want you to see me, and the most honest way is through my art.

Artist’s Bio:

I grew up in North Dakota and graduated from Minot High School in 1989.  I've loved art since I was young and have always been involved with one medium or another, but never with the focus I have today.  Excited for a life of adventure after a childhood on the plains, I left for the US Navy at 18.  After 10 years of traveling the world, I found myself back in North Dakota.  I received my Bachelor of General Studies degree from Minot State University in Minot, ND in 2016.  During my last semester I decided to pursue art as more than just a hobby.  I feel my art has become a way for me to express myself and to explore my relationships with my emotions, experiences, and the people in my life." 


I am actively painting, experimenting in other mediums, and working on building my artist’s resume and body of work.  I have two incredible daughters, Grace and Jaimie, who I am very proud of.  I am currently living in Fargo, North Dakota with my amazing wife and muse, Krista. 


You can check out my online store for cool things with my art on them at:  https://society6.com/markholter


Faded Yesterdays
20"x20" Mixed Media on Canvas (Acrylic, paper, & ink)
Perception Is Experience Is Reality
24"x24", Mixed Media on Canvas (Acrylic, paper, & Ink)
Where Is Your Faith Placed?
18"x24", Mixed Media on Canvas (Acrylic, paper, & ink)
Viral Fame
48"x30" Mixed Media on Canvas (Acrylic, Paper, Ink, Plastic, & Metal.
Confused Desparation
24"x24", Mixed Media on Canvas (Acrylic, Paper, & Ink)
Take It Like a Man
40"x30" Mixed Media on Canvas (Acrylic, Paper, & Ink)
Her Personality Makes Her Strong
40"x30", Mixed media (Acrylic, paper, and ink) on canvas, 2020
Domestic Goddess of Death
36"x36", Mixed media (acrylic, paper, and ink) on canvas, 2020
Modern Communication
60"x48" Mixed Media (Acrylic, Paper, and Ink) on Canvas 2020
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Fargo, ND

Tel: Available upon request



Instagram: mark_holter_artist




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